Custom Printing

We offer a wide range of corporate branding for businesses by using printing on food packaging.

Common products that we print:

• Paper bags
• Coffee Cups
• Kraft box range
• Greaseproof paper
• Napkins
• Noodle boxes
• Pizza boxes


If you have a product that is not listed above, please enquire to see if we can print on your product.

Benefits of Printing

Printing can seem expensive upfront but the actual costs per item are not much more than plain food packaging.

Printing products can generate brand awareness and can boost the overall image of your business.

It is also a great tool for marketing when people are seen walking around with your printed packaging it can generate interest in the products you are supplying.


Custom printing can take up to 12-14 weeks. So make sure to allow sufficient time after placing an order.


Most print jobs require a large minimum order quantity. After completion, we can store your printed packaging in our warehouse for free. We will deliver your products as required and will not charge for delivery if they are part of an order which exceeds our minimum order value (currrently $75). Otherwise a delivery fee will be charged (currently $15).